Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well-Poised Positano...... sits above the Med upon gracefully-arched cliffs featuring wonderfully terraced living.

We arrived to Positano via an impromptu scooter tour from Conca dei Marini and the views were spectacular. One can see why this resort town is popular; it sits perched with full views of the Mediterranean.

How unfortunate our visit here; our scooter was on the blink and we were forced into a premature return trip to Conca dei Marini. And sadly, we ran out of time and didn't make it back to Positano to explore it more in detail.
Before leaving Positano, though, we ate a great lunch here at a restaurant called Il Saraceno d'Oro. We literally blew past it on the scooter, did a double-take then made a return trip back. We parked the scooter about 20 feet from our outside table. Good food and service.

While I don't have much useful information for you regarding Positano, I could tell it was a great place I'd like to stay at (or at least return to). This is the town that had a brief reveal in the movie Under The Tuscan Sun and we thought it would be fun to stand where Diane Lane did in the movie.

Hopefully again... one day soon!
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