Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I never knew this place was a region AND a village!

That's why they call me an "A-mer-i-can".

Despite it's well-known posture, we were disappointed with Amalfi and found it uber-touristy. (Note the awning in this picture literally "Fresh Squeezed Lemonade").

We did encounter some redeeming qualities of Amalfi, so you'll surely want to experience this place and decide for yourself. Let's have a peek.

Suggested Stay: A day trip.

Getting To Amalfi:

If you "slid" down the boot's coast from Naples, you'd find Amalfi. Amalfi is located a short jaunt from Sorrento and Positano, right along the famed coastline that bears it's name. You'll find it easy to get to via SITA bus, car, taxi or scooter, like we did!

Must See & Do:

Want A View Of The Past? You'll stumble upon Museo della Carta (The Paper Museum), after a 10-15 minute stroll away from the sea and toward the hills along Via delle Cartiere. For a nominal fee, you'll have a guided tour describing the old paper-making techniques that produce the famous Amalfi papers. I think we understood almost 10% of what our tour guide was trying to empart upon us during the tour! Regardless, we found some interesting pressed papers and monogrammed wax seal kits that made nice gifts for those back home.

Need Your Gelato Fix? You'll find Cafe Royal along the main drag in Amalfi. We scored it 5 out of 5 stars for our cones - Joe's Melon and Limoncello and my Positano Sunset and Limoncello. Sweet!

Hungry? Try Pizzeria + Trattoria Al Teatro: Our friends Jeanie and David suggested this place for some food while in Amalfi. We found it, but our timing was off and they had not yet re-opened for dinner.

Need Some Items For Cooking? There's an Italian lady who has a tiny shop at 47 Via del Duomo. Here, you'll find veggies, fruits, seeds and more here. Sadly, we're not supposed to bring seeds back to the States but they were fun to look at (pic at right). The sales lady seemed very proud of a salt cured caper concoction, so we bought some. We later used it for flavoring boiled water (at least that's what we thought it was for).

Funny thing is while doing some research for this post, I found another picture of her in front of her store on another site, so she must be quite the Amalfi starlet!

Duomo Lover? Amalfi's cathedral is located right in the main square and near Cafe Royal. You can't miss it. The bronze doors of the Duomo were casted in Costantinopoli in 1066, just a few years before I was born. ;)~

We didn't venture inside - after the seemingly endless days of Conca steps, we found ourselves too lazy to maneuver the stretch of stairs we would have had to climb!

As luck would have it a bus strike stranded us here in Amalfi. We found an English-speaking and similarly desperate couple + kids from Naples and we split a taxi ride back to our home base, in Conca.

Bus strike?
for the love of : italy

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