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Recipe ~ Sunflower Lime Margarita

Make Your Own Sunflower Margarita
What a great way to combine the time-honored tasty tradition of the Texas margarita with the inspiration of Italy's official-unofficial flower... the sunflower!

While it's rumored that the margarita was invented in Galveston, Texas, in 1948, we think you'll agree there's no better way to cool off from the sun (Texas, Tuscan or otherwise). Shaken. Stirred. Frozen. Or on the rocks.

Let's enjoy!



To Taste | Your favorite margarita recipe (use the good stuff)
1 Each Per Drink | Large Lime (or lemon)

What To Do:

1. Slice one large lime slightly larger than in half (about 60% of the width of the lime). Set the small side aside.

2. Slice a 1/8" wide slice off the large half of lime; to form the flower, invert the lime inside out from the center. It may be helpful to use a knife to cut the flesh of the lime before inverting.

3. Slide the lime flower around the remaining large side of lime. Shape the lime flesh to form the sunflower petals.

Make Your Own Sunflower Margarita4. Cut a small slit behind the petals (as shown) so you can place the sunflower lime on the rim of your serving glass.

5. Fill your glass with margarita and garnish with your sunflower lime.

This recipe works for lemons, too! A lemon sunflower makes a fashionable foodie accessory for tea or water!

Bottom's Up!

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