Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cucina ~ Reading Essentials

Keep On Cookin'

In order to get into the Italian state of mind, one has to eat like an Italian! 
Learn more about our favorite eating and reading essentials that no cucina should be without. Surprise your kitchen, family and friends by adding these to your collection.

Your tummy will award you with a "Standing O!"

1. Mangia! Mangia!
(totally, we know)! This is a great kid's book that tells a whimsical story about food. It's also great for newbies to the Italian language. Makes a great gift for your fellow Italian foodie and costs under $10 USD.

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2. Recipes from
an Italian Summer
This is a required reading and feeding essential for you Italian lovers out there. This hardbound book contains recipes in over 400 pages distilled from "The Silver Spoon," Italy's all-time most popular cookbook (see below). Inside, you'll find delicious, easy-to-make seasonal recipes for picnics, barbecues, light lunches and suppers and overall summer entertaining. Think salads, ice creams and drinks.

We salivated for more fotografie, but worth its weight in pasta. Need we say more?

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3. Cooking With Italian Grandmothers
G-mom, Nonna, Granny, Mee-Maw. Whatever her name, our motherly elders help teach and connect us to the past through their time-honored tradition and love of great food.

If I died and came back as the author of a cookbook (and also as a woman), I'd choose to be Jessica Theroux. Jessica was lucky enough to travel Italy for a year visiting 12 totally Italian grandmothers.

The result? This awesome cookbook that contains 80+ authentic Italian recipes, tips and amazing photos ~ all celebrating, through food, the tradition, art and variety of Italian culture.

Who doesn't love Nonna's memorable cooking? I know I do! ~ I love and miss you, "Nany!"

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The Homesick Texan Cookbook by Lisa Fain
4. The Homesick Texan Cookbook
Since many of our readers are Texans ~ some who are expats living in Italy ~ we had to include this favored Texas foodie "bible" given to me by my friend Meredith mere days before I left for an extended stay in Italy; she knew I'd miss the taste of Texas.

Packed with over 125 recipes and a generous helping of color photographs, you're sure to find some Texas-inspired foods to lasso your tastebuds with love. From sunup with cheese grits to sundown with dewberry cobbler (which holds a special Texas place in my tummy), this is a new favorite staple in our kitchen saddled-up next door to "Recipes From An Italian Summer" (above).

The only problem we had with this prized kitchen sidekick was whether to make the San Antonio-style or the Houston-style tortilla recipe first. Either way, we win!      

5. The Silver Spoon
Self respecting Texans surely identify with the saying "The bigger the hair, the closer to God."

In similar fashion if cookbooks are judged by size then The Silver Spoon will surely land your tastebuds at the front of the line at The Pearly Gates. With more than 2,000 recipes, this cookbook has been an Italian bestseller for over 60 years. If you cook one new recipe each day, it will take you more than 5 years to work your way through this tasty inspiration!

I literally just heard my stomach and tastebuds high-five each other. I'm good with that. :)

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