Thursday, July 1, 2010


Like living life in the fast lane?

Then you'll love Maranello, Italy... home of the fabulous Ferrari factory.

While I spent some time marketing Jack Daniel's Racing here in the states, I wasn't much of a race car fan. That was, until I made a pit stop in Maranello at the amazing Galleria Ferrari.

Suggested Stay:

One full day trip.

Getting To Maranello:

We arrived to Maranello via car from the A1 Autostrada from our home base stay in Monterosso. Maranello is located just southwest of Parma and a brief drive from Modena, which is famous for it's balsamics. Read more about my favorite balsamic from Modena.

Must See & Do:

Galleria Ferrari ~

Ferrari dominates the town of Maranello, which is about 20,000 folks strong. Regardless, you won't find industrial smokestacks here; Maranello is nestled in the Emilia-Romagna countryside that naturally induces a peaceful calm much unlike the F1 race cars born here.

The Galleria Ferrari, the official museum dedicated to all things Ferrari welcomes about 200,000 visitors each year. I spent about 3 hours roaming inside the Galleria Ferrari and it sent my heart and imagination into overdrive.

The museum is housed on two levels and 25,000 square feet. Inside you'll find everything from vintage cars to Ferrari artifacts, interactive displays, a bookstore, gift and coffee shops. My absolute favorite room in the house was "The Hall of Victories," a awe-inspiring space featuring the most recent wins of the Scuderia, including the original helmets of Ferrari's 9 world champions, over 100 trophies and the 8 actual Formula 1 Champion Cars since 1999.

Unless you've purchased a Ferrari (you're in the inner circle), you can't set feet in the production plant, but that won't slow your heart from experiencing the thrill of Ferrari history. In fact, you can now purchase an "extra ticket" to score you guided tours on the Fiorano Test Track and the Viale Enzo Ferrari (Enzo Ferrari Street) via a guided tour bus. Seats are limited, so purchase the Museum and Guided Tour tickets online in advance.

Useful Links:

You can visit the Galleria Ferrari online here and the official city of Maranello city site online here.

If your heart tugs at you to sleep in Maranello, you can try the Planet Hotel ~ it's located between the Ferrari Factory and the Fiorano race track. Well poised, indeed!

Want to see some of my pictures from my trip to Maranello? Visit them on the "for the love of : italy" Flickr Photostream here.

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