Monday, September 7, 2009

Italy Again : 2009

The red-bodied wine is blossoming with Sagiovese, Canaiolo and Ciliegiolo grapes grown on the hilly vineyards of Tuscany. The taste warms the heart.

The sun’s rays touch my face. It’s a little hot, but here in this peaceful land away from home. It sure is easy to drink-in “the good life.”

One cannot hear a thing except the deafening sound of the sun. The sipping of wine. The “white noise” called wind. Such a perfect reminder of the wine bars frequented in Florence, Corniglia, Rome.

Ahh, the simple things.

The €4 bottle of wine is perfetto. Tastes warm, like the sun.

Unlike U.S. stereotypes, the people here in Italy are super-friendly; they actually wave at you as you drive down the streets. And they look back at you with a smile when they’re traveling in front of you on the narrow roads they call home.

“They” call it Italy. I call it Heaven.

True, I’m in Italy, Texas.

The experience made possible due to the slagging economy and my luck for a 2009 vacation, running out.

But I’m here. In Italy!

And best yet? I can check one box on my “bucket list.” If you don’t know what a bucket list is, you need to say thanks to Kathy Griffin, for I didn’t, either.

[ A bucket list is a list of important things you want to accomplish before you… “kick the bucket!” ]

For me, taking my doggies to Italy provided a certain peace - we walked there with the locals and I showed them where I go when I’ve left them back home for days at a time. Well, sorta.

True, it’s not the “real” Italy, yet we drove out of the way to get here, so it counts, right? We weren’t sure what to what to expect, but here’s what we found that made Italy, Texas totally Italian:
  • Several gatti found basking in the sun
  • Duomi. And lots of them!
  • The Piazza Centrale (or main drag, as we call it)
  • Friendly locals. See if I’m joshing!
  • Rolling fields
  • Sunny days
  • Old architecture (not 1,000s of years old, but it’s old)
  • Poste
  • Polizia
  • Monuments

So what about the top things that make Italy totally Texas?
  • Trucks stops
  • Farm houses
  • Rolling fields
  • Antiques
  • The American Classic Dairy Queen
  • Texas souvenirs
  • Smokehouse delights (BBQ, pralines, and bandanas)!
  • Um, a water tower? No place but Texas!
  • John Deere tractors driving down the street
  • Dry creek beds
  • Barbed wire fences
  • Churches! Churches! Churches!
  • Fire Hydrants (the dogs are in Heaven).

A short car ride back to the Dallas casa, I enjoy a home-cooked meal, like the many ones we made in Conca dei Marini. The meal? Pesto and fettuccini. Absolutely awesome.

Goes to show no matter where your feet are you can experience Italy. You just have to open up and see the goodness. The influence. The love of the simple things.

for the love of : italy !

The Recipe For The Perfect Texas-Italian Getaway:

The Place : Italy, Texas

The Wine : Balzi Fratti

The Fare : A picnic basket filled with Italian olives, cheeses, bruschetta. You get the hint.

Accoutrements :
Your camera to capture the sites. Andrea Bocelli. Your best pals, whatever form they take.

Sidenote To Italy :

I'll be back! Don't count me out. While I didn't make it this year, that will make 2010 all the sweeter!

[2010 Update: And it was sweeter! Check out the 2010 action.]

for the love of
texas + italy

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Unknown said...

Hey, Italy,

It's me. I'm coming back ~ 2010.


Get ready for some fun in the sun.

T-minus 7 days.