Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Revel in Ravello

This village blew my socks off!

OK, I was wearing flip flops, but they were blown right off!


Lo scooter, of course!

You'll enjoy twisty roads and magnificent views all the way up into the hills to wonderful Ravello.

Suggested Stay: 1-2 Days.

We consumed Ravello in a day trip, but we wanted more time in this relaxed and wonderfully unique village. Have a blurry look-sie below (sorry, my vid-cam sucks). Make sure you have your sound turned up so you can hear the happy song birds performing in this magical place.

Must See | Do:

Villa Cimbrone sports unforgettable views from "way up there" cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. And to think we almost didn't enter the grounds because we thought it was for hotel guests only!

From Ravello's central piazza, a brief walk around winding stairways and alleyways will land you at the magnificent Cimbrone entrance. There is a nominal entry fee that is well worth it.

Allow at least an hour or two to enjoy the various gardens and incredible views throughout Cimbrone. You can stop and catch your breath and a gelato at the charming cafe near the back of the estate; there's a small terrace here that literally jets outside the cafe's exterior suspended above the terrain below. We felt as if we were eating an ice cream cone worth a million bucks!

Why not visit Villa Cimbrone while you're online? You may just book your next magical trip to the awe-inspiring grounds we found more Heaven than Earth.

Villa Rufolo visit this wonderful villa for a famous view you've probably seen before, yet may not known where it was from. It's right here! At the top of this post!

There was a summer concert series going on while we were in town and while we didn't partake (it was at night), it looked to be awesome. There was a clear plexi backdrop behind a stage set right on the cliff's edge overlooking the beaches far below. Perfetto!

This property is smaller than Cimbrone, so allow at least an hour or two for the views.

Ceramiche D'Arte is a wonderful pottery store with a huge selection of ceramics for friends and family back home. Or better yet, yourself!

In all my travels to Italy, I only saw one Christmas tree ornament and it was at Ceramiche D'Arte! Hand-painted and totally unique, I purchased it for my favorite cousin back home.

This is the place Carino's comes to buy the ceramic plates and pottery used in their restaurants. And we understood why - the range and style of the items was vast and molto bella.

Hang onto your wallets, folks! Especially if visiting online!

We found Ravello a charming, unpretentious, relaxing out-of-the way find. Need I say more? If you're a view-seeker, Ravello's got the goods waiting for you!

What are you waiting for?

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