Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We didn't stay here. We didn't even shop here.

But we ate here with i nostri amichi (our friends).

A three-way collision of Italian souls; genuine and wanna-be.

This was a truly unique moment in time because we connected over lunch with our yachting mates, Jeanie and David, and our native Italian instructor, Damiano.

Who would have thought those seemingly harmless hours spent back in Dallas fumbling through the Italian language would lead us to this unlikely lunch in Sorrento, Italy. ITALY!?!

When we arrived in Sorrento, our timing was off a bit and Damiano has just boarded a bus heading out of town. He literally jumped off the bus and headed back to the docks for a lunch at Ruccio.

We had a brief - but nice - lunch and took a [not so flattering of me] picture to document the special moment. Then it was off for a three-way split: Damiano down south to join traveling Texans, Jeanie and David up north toward 5Terre and Joe and me to Sorrento's city center, bus-bound for a week in Conca dei Marini.

How We Got There: We arrived to Sorrento via boat from Naples.

Suggested Stay: While we sadly didn't experience Sorrento, it looked like a charming town with lots to see and do. Surely you could lose yourself there for a 1-2 day stay. Easily.
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Paul Anater said...

Hey there, your photo is of the Villa Terrazza in Sorrento. My friends and I stayed there last May for a week and used it as our stepping off point for excursions up and down the Amalfi Coast. What a place to come home to, let me tell you. That it has a full kitchen meant that we could take full advantage of the markets in Sorrento. I cannot imagine going to Italy and not being able to cook the amazing fresh foods int he markets! Anyhow, I found you on the Internet tonight and I'm glad to read that I'm not the only Americano who's found a great love of Italia.

Flying Doggies! said...

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the information on Villa Terrazza - I didn't even know the name of the stately place I snapped a picture of!

Our villa in Conce dei Marini had a kitchen and I know what you mean about being about to cook in your own place away from home - everything tastes better there.

My favorite memory was riding the scooter up into the hills about Conca to get a melon. When I got back the thing smelled so great!

I hope to go back and see more of Sorrento - it looked like a diverse city that you could do a lot in. Sadly we just ate lunch there and caught a bus out for Conca.

Hope you enjoy the blog!