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The Genius Of A Place

One of the ways I've intellectually "grown" over time is through the casually seductive way Italy has introduced me to new perspectives, cultural values, delicious foods and charming people.

Along the way I've met talented artists, Italian musicians who love Texas music, small business owners/operators, and above all ~ passionate folks who have a calling beyond the boardroom. One of those people is Sarah Marder.

Sarah recently discovered my "For The Love Of Italy" Facebook page and reached out. She's part of a team of spirited filmmakers who have been creating a special project in Cortona, Italy.

The film's purpose? To document and share the perspectives of how smaller towns around the world, like Cortona, balance sustainability, economic development and conservation. It can be quite the juggling act!

Filmmaker Sarah Marder interviewing a French tourist in Cortona's main piazza.
If you've been to Cortona, as have I, you'll understand the importance of protecting the charm that is uniquely Italia.

More about the project ~

A film for people around the world who love Italy

While we're all chasing economic development, who's thinking about the dynamics that gradually destroy the beauty and livability of places we love? A question like this should be posed about practically any community and is especially pertinent in a country like Italy, where nearly every place overflows with natural, artistic and cultural treasures.

Cortona has become a popular destination where foreigners arrange
"romantic weddings."
For nearly three years Sarah and the four other "Genius" crew members from production company OLO Creative Farm have been examining the effects of modernization, sometimes brought by mass tourism, by photographing the experience of Cortona, the little hilltop town in Tuscany made famous by "Under the Tuscan Sun." In their independent film "The Genius Of A Place," Cortona serves as a symbol for challenges faced by communities around the globe as they struggle to find a balance between growth and conservation.

Up until now, all the crew's work has been self-funded. Now they need outside help ~ your help ~ to finish the film. They've started fundraising through several channels; one is a campaign on IndieGoGo ~ an online community that helps creative ideas become reality. The team is seeking micro-contributions from individuals like us who feel an affinity for their movie's theme. They're seeking to raise $20,000 and donations are tax deductible here in the U.S. They are currently less than halfway to reaching their goal.

Filmmaker Sarah Marder interviewing Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, who chose a town near Cortona as his set for his film "Certified Copy."
"For the Love of Italy" made a contribution and I encourage you to as well, since it's a way of promoting smart development so we don't thoughtlessly ruin places of beauty around the world. It's truly a case of "love 'em or lose 'em!" Plus, your contribution is a way to participate in the making of an emerging, cool film that includes interviews with Jeremy Irons, Anthony Hopkins and "Under the Tuscan Sun" author Frances Mayes!

The campaign ends soon on December 31, 2011 (mere hours away), so please check out
Learn ~ More about "The Genius Of A Place" and how you can be an exciting part of this thoughtful project that will educate us and protect "them."

Share ~ Your financial support (donate here) and tell all of your Italy-loving friends about the project! The Genius Team has even set-up "Perks" (special tours, watercolor paintings, recipes and more) at varying donations levels so you can join in on the fun.

Sarah set-up a special perk for our community so the first five folks who donate $75 will get to talk with her live via phone or Skype to score insider information on the film or ask questions you have about living in Italy... plus she'll include the secret chocolate recipe for free!

Love ~ Send your much needed support to Italy during a time when the economic climate is tough. Show 'em you love Italy, too!
I recently took the "plunge" and became an official movie producer by making a donation. Plus, I received a cool perk (a secret chocolate recipe from Italy) just for helping out! If the 2,500 fans of our Facebook community made just a $5 donation, the film would reach it's goal and have a great chance to make it's debut at the Sundance Film Festival 2013. A big accomplishment, indeed!

"Grazie mille" for reading my post and sharing the news!

~ Patrick

Founder, for the love of : italy
"Budding" movie producer, The Genius Of A Place

More Info:

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