Friday, August 17, 2012

Recipe ~ Italian Housewarming Basket

One of the most important of Italian traditions is to celebrate and welcome friends and family to their new home. This recipe is an easy way for you to honor their life event.

The items below have great significance and when combined, make a thoughtful and memorable gift from you to them!



Bread | So you will never go hungry
Wine | So you will never go thirsty
Salt | Sprinkled around doors and windows, for good luck
Olive Oil | Which represents good health
A Candle | Symbolizing light
Wood | To bring peace, harmony and stability to your new home


1. For the bread: We like giving an artisan loaf of Rosemary Bread from Central Market.

2. For the salt: We gift gray sea salt; it's flavorful and prized by cooks around the globe.

3. For the olive oil: Try a first press olive oil in a glass dispenser to show-off it's distinctive gold and green color.

4. For the candle: We put an aromatic candle inside a decorative votive holder.

5. For the wood: A high-end wooden cooking utensil will do the trick and will remind them of you each time they're cooking in the kitchen.

What To Do:

1. Arrange the goodies in a small basket lined with a fabric napkin.

2. Top the basket treats with a hand-
made card with a printout of the ingre-
dients list above; when the recipient reads the history and learns the significance of the items, a smile (sometimes a tear) comes to their face.


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